Carpenterie Metalliche Italiane S.r.l.

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CMI SRL operates in the field of medium- heavy metal carpentry and mechanical construction.

CMI SRL specializes in the construction of welded steel frames for electric motors, generators and gearboxes for marine, industrial and oil & gas industries.

CMI SRL’s competent specialized staff provides a competitive, efficient and reliable service and is particularly attentive to customer requirements for customized projects.

All manufacturing operations are performed in-house with the appropriate checking and testing procedures.

CMI SRL is committed to optimizing services, product quality and the working environment . It implements a Certification of quality and safety management system in compliance with INAIL (National  Institute for Insurance against accidents at work) guidelines.






CMI SRL Italian Metal Carpentry was established in 1977, providing mechanical carpentry services and specializing in welded steel frames for electric motors.

CMI  SRL has always focused on and is known for its high quality products, customer interaction and reliable service.

CMI SRL is recognized as one of the most important and reliable companies for the production of:

– welded steel frames for electric motors
– reducers
– medium- heavy carpentry


CMI SRL has adopted a Quality Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 .

This ensures that the customer receives consistent good quality products and services and it monitors:

  • procedures and working methods
  • materials
  • staff
  • equipment and working environment
  • measuring instruments
  • providers
  • documents

The Management Quality System is certified by RINA etc.


RINA qualification EN 15614;
Qualification RINA ASME IX;
RINA qualification AWS D1.1.


RINA qualification EN 287;
RINA qualification EN 1418;
Qualification RINA ASME IX;
RINA qualification AWS D1.1.

Company certified by RINA from 29/12/1999 No. Certified 2648/99 / S (certificate attached) welding procedures according to EN15614 – ASME IX – AWS D1.1
welding operators according to EN9606 (ex 287) EN14732 (ex 1418) – ASME IX – AWS D1.1


CMI SRL has developed significant expertise in the production of welded steel frames for electric motors and alternators for the most diverse applications :

  • Marine
  • Hydropower
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial

The products are manufactured in compliance with customer specifications.